Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Do as I say, not as i do

Tue: 7/1/09
AM: 10 mile run (1:08:00)
Went back onto the service road in Druid Hill Park today because I enjoyed it so much on Friday. Had some minor bathroom issues for the first 15 mins but after that the run went really great. I really like the run as it's pretty isolated and, despite being able to hear I-83, it feels like you're out on some country road. At this point, since I've been feeling pretty great on runs, I enjoy the fact that it is hilly. I imagine this will change as I start doing more workouts and get progressively more tired.

8 mile run (55:00)
I wanted to show Melanie my new route so I took her on the same run I did this morning. I need to create a name for it but I haven't thought of anything good yet. Usually, something interesting has to happen to necessitate a name so I guess I will just have make something happen. Doing a 10 and 8 double didn't feel that bad during it but afterward I was pretty thrashed. It's the first time I've felt that tired from training in a long long time. I will say that I enjoyed it in a sick kind of way.

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