Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm a big boy now

Thur: 6/11/09
9.5 mile run (1:04:18)
Took to the trails today at one of my favorite places to run, Moses Cone Park. It was a fairly cool morning with a hint of humidity in the air, which actually made the trails a beautiful blanket of blush dirt. I realized on the run that I love running here for a variety of reasons. I am particular about the surfaces I run on because my ankles tend to be pretty weak when running on anything with the slightest unevenness (I once rolled an ankle on the Bike Path in Providence for cryin out loud). The trails here are very soft, but not slippery, and offer very even footing throughout. Obviously the scenery is beautiful, shaded trails in the forest, lakes and mountain ridge views. But what I realized today is the fun I have running with people here at Zap. Today it was Pete Rea, Amy Rudolph, Ryan Warrenburg and I and it was a lot of fun to just chat, talk about running gossip and tell funny stories.

The run itself went really well. We were clipping along at around 7:15 pace or so up and down the trails and overall I felt pretty good. My quads have been a little sore as of late but they held on for the duration of the run. My breathing was about where I thought it would be at 3,6ooft and staved off the fears I had last night of huffing and puffing my way around like a fat kid.

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