Sunday, June 7, 2009

These are running trails?

Sun: 6/7/09
9 miles (1:03:30)
After a fun night in DC with a strong Ivy League contingent Melanie, George, Jilane, Owen and I set off from Georges place somewhere around mid-morning. We dipped into Rock Creek pretty quickly but the trails were super muddy and at first, since it wasn't a main trail, it was definitely more for walking than running. Since my trail technical skills on par with that of a 95 year old grandma, I fell behind rather quickly. When the trail got a little better I was able to keep up for the most part thanks to a little fartleking. This was the first time I have been over the 1 hour mark since last July and it was pretty fantastic. The top of my foot was really aggravated today but my plantar was good. I think I am going to take a precautinary day off tomorrow to help the top of my foot heal and get rested up for a big 10 days of training when I head down to Zap Fitness on Wednesday.

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