Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Do as I say, not as i do

Tue: 7/1/09
AM: 10 mile run (1:08:00)
Went back onto the service road in Druid Hill Park today because I enjoyed it so much on Friday. Had some minor bathroom issues for the first 15 mins but after that the run went really great. I really like the run as it's pretty isolated and, despite being able to hear I-83, it feels like you're out on some country road. At this point, since I've been feeling pretty great on runs, I enjoy the fact that it is hilly. I imagine this will change as I start doing more workouts and get progressively more tired.

8 mile run (55:00)
I wanted to show Melanie my new route so I took her on the same run I did this morning. I need to create a name for it but I haven't thought of anything good yet. Usually, something interesting has to happen to necessitate a name so I guess I will just have make something happen. Doing a 10 and 8 double didn't feel that bad during it but afterward I was pretty thrashed. It's the first time I've felt that tired from training in a long long time. I will say that I enjoyed it in a sick kind of way.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Camp Ellis

Mon: 6/29/09
AM: 14 mile run (1:32:00)
Had a really nice long run today out by the beach. The temps were very cool, 58 degrees and a light mist, which was really pleasant. Felt like the pace was pretty solid and I was feeling good for most of the way. At about an hour I decided to throw in a few 1min surges, something I picked up from a famous Italian coach, Renato Canova, to help maintain speed, economy and efficiency while not doing specific speed work. Went golfing in the afternoon in the rain with my Dad and brother, which was a lot of fun.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week in review:
62 miles (9 runs)
Was actually a little surprised to be above 60 this week after having to bag the weekend. Overall, I think I am still progressing and I am happy with the week in general. I think next week will be another step forward with the training. Slowly but surely my friends, getting in shape takes time.


Sun: 6/28/09
6 mile run (40:00)
Another down mileage day but I'm not going to worry about it. I forgot my night splint and I haven't been able to heat or ice so it's probably best I don't go overboard with the training this weekend. Toured the town of Biddeford and showed Melanie the old stomping grounds.

Sat: 6/27/09
9 mile run (58:00)
Twas a busy morning traveling back to Maine from Boston. Wanted to run at 1 or 2 so I could get another one in later in the evening but there were a lot of family things going on and I wasn't able to get out until 6 or so. Took Melanie to the beach and did a very pretty loop on the rocky coast. I kicked off the shoes afterward and did some barefoot sprints on the beach. It felt fun to be moving that fast again.

Fri: 6/26/09

AM: 9 mile run (1:00:00)
Ran in the morning before a hectic day of travel and it was quite a good run. I decided to explore a little more of Druid Hill Park and found a service road, behind the zoo I think, that is a great place to run. It's very shaded, hilly, and there is no one out there. All it's missing is being a dirt road. Undoubtedly, this will become a staple run for me. Didn't have time to run in the afternoon.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

10 spot

Thur: 6/25/09
AM: 10 mile run (1:07:00)
This was actually quite a nice little run. I was a little worried that getting out the door at 7:30 would lead to some sweltering temps but things stayed relatively cool this morning and it wasn't all that bad. I plotted out a new route last night to get 10 miles in and I really liked it. I took the druid Hill bike path to the Hopkins undergrad campus and then went east on 33rd (which is not too bad a street to run on) and hit Montebello lake. The lake is a 1.5 mile bike path and the scenery isn't too bad. I basically ran a loop around the path and ran the same way home. I actually felt better than I thought I would after yesterday and sometimes running in the city, having to stop at lights and all, isn't all that bad on a recovery run.
PM: 6 mile run (41:00)
It was a tad warm out this evening but luckily the humidity was pretty low so it wasn't too bad until the last 10 0r 15 mins. Melanie and I toured the Inner Harbor and she was cruisng at a pretty solid pace. Despite not actually training that girl can really hammer when she wants to and at times I had trouble keeping up. This was def a solid double.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's all about the effort

Wed: 6/24/09
AM: 3 w/u, 3 mile tempo (16:00), 6min rest, 4 x 400 (68?), 3 c/d
Went to Druid hill park today to do a tempo run around the lake, which is right around 1.5 miles around. Today was mostly about effort since I didn't have a lot of reliable splits. I mapped the loop last night and got 1.45 miles on gmaps, but we all know how accurate that can be. There were some marks on the ground but the loop has a lot of places where tangents become very important and I don't know how accurately those marks took them into account.

I started out on what felt like 5:20-30 pace and felt pretty decent for the first mile. The weather was a tad humid but it wasn't oppressively hot (and I have nothing to complain about since Jordan is doing his workouts in triple digit temps). I ran the first loop in 8:03 but have no idea is that is a real 1.5 mile mark or not so I just decided to run effort and try and run a little faster for the second loop. Things got drastically more difficult with every 1/4 mile and I pushed hard the last 800 or so to come in at 7:55. I was happy to run faster the second loop, granted most of the made up time came in the last 800, and don't really care too much what the pace was. Right now, effort is key and this was a good go at a workout. I took a 6min walking break and strapped on the ST racers for the first time in ages. I found a quarter mile mark and got to work. Again, the tangents could have played a huge roll but I was quite surprised to hit the first 400 in 68 seconds. I took about 70 sec rest and started the sprint back to the start and once again stopped the watch at 68 seconds. I am convinced I was cutting the course but for now I will let myself believe I can do a 68 sec quarter. I closed the last one in 66 and it felt good to feel like I was really moving again

Overall I am content with the workout. I know right now I need to just focus on effort and not be concerned about the times I am running since I know they will be slow. This was a good step, 4 miles worth of work and still healthy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Attmempted track workout

Tue: 6/23/09
AM: 6 mile run (40:00)
I found where Johns Hopkins built their track (it's actually hidden on an outskirt campus they have and nowhere near the undergrad campus or athletic fields)! Unfortunately, they were still building the high jump pit and the track was closed until July 5th. However, I spoke with the coach and he told me I was free to use it as soon as the construction was done.

I would have really like to get a hard effort in today (8 x 1k w/30sec rest) as my legs were feeling good and I wanted to get the volume in. However, it just wasn't in the cards and I just decided to stop at 6 because it worked logistically. I will try and get out and put in a solid distance later today when the heat dies down a bit.

PM: 6 mile run (40:00)
Melanie and I went out around 6:30 this evening and luckily the temperature wasn't all that brutal. We took Charles St. down to the JHU campus and came back on the bike path that connects up to Druid Hill. I felt pretty good minus burping up the strawberry pop-tart I ate 10mins before embarking on our run. The pace stayed easy and it was fun to run with Melanie again after a brief hiatus.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Off

Mon: 6/23/09
Day off
Planned day off today after a solid week of training and some travel back to Baltimore. I am really trying hard to work on the rational side of thinking regarding my own training and I know I need to make sure I keep playing things on the safe side. It's an amazing feeling to have the ability to run again and I don't want to lose it because I pushed to hard for something so early.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Farewell Zap

Week in Review:
Miles - 74
9 runs - 66 singles

Well, this was definitely the first week in about a year I can call myself a runner. I boosted the mileage a bit and got in some quality work that will help set me up for the next few months. I have a sketched out plan and will upload it to the blog soon. After talking with Pete for a bit this weekend I know I need to fix my bio-mechanical problems. Anyone that has seen me run knows that there is something messed up with my stride and I need to fix that. I plan on visiting a guy in Charlottesville, VA who specializes in bio-mechanics and slow motion videos the stride with all those pads on and isolates which muscles are not firing and need to be worked on. I plan on getting this done after I figure out my job situation and get more financially stable. I am excited to get back to Baltimore (has anyone ever said that?) and continuing my progression.

Greener Pastures

Sun: 6/21/09
15 mile run (1:40:00)
A pretty solid long run today up and down the hills at Moses Cone. I had to run by myself as I was leaving for Charlotte and 11:30 and the guys weren't starting their until 10 or so. However, I enjoyed being by myself and with my thoughts for a bit.

Started out with an easy lake loop and is was apparent from the start that I was going to feel better than I have the last few days. It's hard to tell, since i didn't get a split, but I think I was climbing the manor at a decent pace. Took the crest over the hill towards Rich Mtn and chilled on the way back down. At about 40mins or so my hamstrings started to get a little tight after all the hills but it wasn't too bad. From 40-52 mins was another climb and I felt decent. When I got to the top I was greeted by an open pasture on the side of the hill with hundreds of cows just chillin out chompin grass. It was a really great picture and it felt great to be out exploring. The retrun trip was tough as the 1 mile trek up Manor mtn from the backside is shorter but steeper. I survived and enjoyed the ride down the mountain. Today I added on a lake loop, trying to hold a decent pace, to make 15.

Overall I am very pleased with the run. It was certainly a solid long run and a great day to be running!

The pasture atop Rich mountain

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Greenway Part deux

Sat: 6/20/09
AM: 9 mile run (1:01:00)
Went out the Greenway again today and the run was pretty similar to yesterdays. Felt pretty crappy for the first 25 mins or so and then progressively started to feel better. Ran mostly with Frank and we "kept it real" as Josh Moen would say. At 50mins we eneded back at App State's Cross Country course and I threw off the kicks and did 10mins barefoot on the sweet grass fields. I think it is vital to my improvment, both with the plantar and performance, for me to strengthen my feet a lot. Contimplating a run this afternoon but that remains to be determined after another long day of massages. C.R.E.A.M

Friday, June 19, 2009

Just another day

Fri: 6/19/09
AM: 9 mile run (1:05:00)
Ran at Moses Cone today and the legs were feeling a little tired from the mini workout yesterday. Luckily for me Berg was feeling about the same and we took it easy through the trails. I actually felt better as the run went along so that was a good sign. Today was a busy day as the women's camp has started and I had 4 or 5 massages today, which is quite a bit.

PM: 4 mile run (28:00)
2 x 10 sec hill sprints
My body was a little wiped after all the massages but I thought it would be good to get out and stretch out everything a little bit. Plus, it gave me an excuse to sit in the creak for an ice bath, which felt very good. The night was capped of with S'mores and the movie "Major League".

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Thur: 6/18/09
3 mile w/u
2.8 mile climb at steady/tempo (15:45 - 5:37 pace average)
3 mile c/d

Wanted to get one more workout in at Zap using the uphill climb from the lake to the manor so decided to put it to the test today. Overall the workout went well, I actually didn't feel bad until the last 400 meters or so and def could have pushed harder in the middle section. It was difficult with no splits and no real measurement of effort until the end.

Started this one in the afternoon because I had to pick up a lady at the airport this morning for the camp that's starting this weekend. In retrospect, eating a sandwich, chips and chocolate milk an hour before the workout wasn't the best idea I've ever had. When I got back to Zap the guys said that's not a bad time up to the manor as the ZP (Zap record is 14:11). At this point, I gauge all workouts as a High School senior. As in I say to myself after each workout "self, if you were in high school, would you be pleased". Today my over ambitious, uneducated 18-year old self said yes.

Did the same workout as in the video, just only 2.8 miles of the hill

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Double Trouble

Wed: 6/17/09
AM: 8 mile run (1:00:00)
Took to the trails this morning with the intent of taking it easy and putting some miles on the legs. Ran two laps around the lake with the guys warming up for a workout and then headed into the trails up to the Manner (pictured below) and back down. I was feeling rather winded today for some reason but it was misting nicely and I was enjoying the run. However, at 35mins or so I rolled my ankle on a loose rock, bastard. It wasn't that bad and I was able to continue on but it was rather bothersome. Finished with an easy two strides and a quick soak for the ankle.

4 mile run (30:00)
The ankle was a little stiff but I figured it was good to go after I heated it a bit to loosen it up. Most of the guys joined me for a jaunt around the 800 meter loop and discussed guy things, quite entertaining. This is my first double since July, which is unbelievably exciting. I need to stop recording my "first since ____" but this was another milestone in the recovery!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll"

3 mile warm-up
3 x 1500m w/1min rest (5:05, 4:58, 4:48) Corresponding mile splits (5:27, 5:19, 5:08)
3 mile cool down

Total = 9 miles
The comeback starts today I guess. I decided to prescribe myself a baby workout I gave a lot of the college athletes I coached when they were really unfit or just starting to run. It's a good way to get a threshold effort in but, with the 1min rest, it gives you the chance to do a little more volume without going backwards in pace. I read about this form of workout about a year or so ago but I can't remember where. In any case, I thought it was a good idea and I have since stolen it.

There's actually a nice altitude conversion at Bass Lake that makes 1500 meter loops about 4 seconds slower. With the slight rolling hills and loose gravel footing the zap guys estimate it to be 10 seconds slower per mile than a track at sea level. I don't know if I believe that but these guys work out here every day so I'll take it.

To be honest, I am pretty happy with this workout despite it being at a quite pedestrian pace compared to elite standards. However, it's my first workout since September and the first step on a long road back. The first interval felt pretty decent and I came through the 800 in 2:43 or so and was feeling decent. The last 400 or so is a tad uphill but I was able to maintain pace and run a little faster than the 5:30 mile I was looking for. The second interval did not feel nearly as good as the first but I was somewhat surprised to see the sub 5:00 1500 clocking. The last interval was a real bear and I really had to focus on staying relaxed and not letting my form go to shit. To say it was difficult would be an understatement and I am sure part if it had to do with the fact that this was the first time I had fought that deep breathing, chest hurting, stomach turning, legs burning feeling in almost a year. The pain associated with working out at this point is quite foreign to me. However, I was rewarded with a 4:48 and a sub 5min mile with all the conversions. It was a really welcomed feeling, after I caught my breath and dry heaved of course, to have accomplished the workout in better form than I had set out to. The cool down was a wonderful return to that weird euphoric haze that only comes on a slow and well deserved cool down.

The foot felt decent, a hint of pain after but it went away quick. My calves were tight depsite wearing trainers and I soaked in the creak afterward just to be safe.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Following my own advice for once

Mon: 6/15/09
7 mile run (50:00)
2 x 10 sec hill sprints
Took it nice and easy with Berg today around the zap facility. The 800 meter soft dirt loop is surprisingly not that boring to run on. It has a few interesting kinks and the section by the stream keeps it interesting. We talked mostly about USA's and Berg's favorite subject, Christian Hesch. My foot felt great, no pain whatsoever and my legs didn't feel all that bad from the 14 yesterday although it was a bit humid and that never helps me. At 40 mins I detoured from the facility and ran up the road to this really cool dirt road that houses some neat country houses. It was really a beautiful sight as some clouds were rolling in over the mountains and whispering through the trees. Amy Rudolph said it reminded her a lot of Ireland but, since I've never been, I can't make a judgement. At 45 mins I decided to get started on the hill sprints I prescribed for the day. If you don't know what they are feel free to read my coaching blog about them. Since I only did two of them they felt good and not much to write home about.

In the PM I did my core routine to get buff.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week in Review

Week in Reveiw:
52 miles in 5 runs
Well, this was a pretty big step up for me in terms of training this week. The mileage total is the same as last week but I did it with 2 fewer runs. I was able to get in two very respectable long aerobic efforts in, which will only help to get me back to a decent level of fitness. It's pretty easy at zap to focus on all the little things and I think that this is a great place to make the jump in my training. I look forward to trying a workout this week, albeit a baby one, and progressing even further along. Good week!

Stupid is as stupid does

Sun: 6/14/09
14 mile run (1:31:00)
Well, my statement in Friday's blog that I "should be smarter about my running" has obviously held true for a whole 30 hours or so. The zap crew returned in full force last night after most of them had been in Portland for a few races. Unlucky for me they all had their long runs for the week and I decided to tag along. Fellow Ivy alums Frank Tinney and David Nightengale joined Thomas Morgan, Mike Bunker, Ryan Warrenburg, Nate Peck and I for a jaunt up this hills at Moses Cone. The premise of the loop is a gradual climb for the first 2.8 miles, flat for .2 down the other side of the mountain for 2 miles back up a trail for 2 miles, turnaround and repeat. For the first 40mins or so things were going well. I felt good, the convo was hilarious and the company was nice. About half way up the second uphill stage my hamstrings began to give a little tug and the pace became a little more difficult. However, turning around and going back down felt nice. At 55mins or so the climb back to the top started and I was ready for my Tour De France mountain stage. I didn pretty good until the last 4mins or so when we reached 4k feet and I really had to put in an effort to stay with the guys. I am pleased to announce that I stayed with the pack and didn't fall off, an accomplishment in my mind for now. The rest of the way back down felt pretty decent and it was nice to see the 90 minute mak for the second time in 3 days. It's amazing how fast simple mileage can come back after such a long time off. I am in the process of putting together a 2 month training sketch for myself until I feel fit enough to start looking for a coach. The plan will be a rough outline for the first month as a lot will change with the impending job and housing change and it may take a while for me to adjust. In any case, the foot feels really great as I type this and that excites me. I continued my rise to "real runner" status today as I soaked in the creek after the run, which felt amazingly good.

p.s. Props to Jordan and Meagan for their respective runs in the half marathon. I will be putting together a blog update for Premier Coaching soon.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Sat: 6/13/09
8 mile run (1:00:00)
I woke up this morning and my foot felt remarkably good. In fact, there was very little pain at all until I really poked and prodded it. We started our run at the Greenway today, which is near the App State Cross County course. It was a really pretty bike path that stretched out to some soccer fields that we ran barefoot on for a couple of laps. On the way back we hit up a trail at some point and then did some loops on the really soft and surely footed grass fields. The first half of the run I felt a pretty big insulin drop from breakfast but the second half felt much better. My foot felt good and continues to improve today.

I will admit I am pretty wiped. In addition to running a solid 14 miles yesterday, I also had 4.5 hours of massage. It's been a few years since I've done anywhere near that much massage work and I was pretty wiped. However, as Jordan proposed in his blog, C.R.E.A.M makes the world go round.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

You can put it on the board

Fri: 6/12/09
14 mile run (1:32:30)
So Jilane has lost her mantle as "Worst athlete I coach". Today I took her crown and put it on my head and it fit perfect. I like to call my 14 today a "mistake" but when I explained my story to Melanie she merely laughed and called me an idiot.

I started the morning with the intention of running 10 0r 11 miles, a smart idea I thought. The plan was to run a 1500 meter lake loop and then head up the mountain to make sure the campers knew which way go. However, Amy was doing a workout so I decided to just do her warm-up, 3 miles around the lake, and then head up the trail. When I got to the crossroad of the trail I went the wrong well. However, I did realize I had gone the wrong way about 1/2mile in and could have easily turned around. However, I chose to use this "excuse" as my reasoning behind going longer. When I got back to the lake at 1:17 I was kinda dissapointed I could barely call the run 12 so I tacked on two extra lake loops with Amy to make it 14.

To be truthful, the run felt really good. It is the first time I have felt like a runner and my old self in a long time and I just didn't want it to end. Part of the reason I like running is the feeling of control I have over my body. I am sure everyone enjoys the mental confidence and boost that comes with knowing they can run 14 miles or the pride that comes with knowing what they can out their body through. Honestly, it's something I missed a lot when I wasn't running.

Despite this thought it was not a smart decision. My foot is a little sore after and I know continuing to make dumb decisions is only going to lead to more setbacks. It's time to be a little smarter about things while still having some fun. I am going to baby the foot tonight and see how it feels tomorrow.

I'm a big boy now

Thur: 6/11/09
9.5 mile run (1:04:18)
Took to the trails today at one of my favorite places to run, Moses Cone Park. It was a fairly cool morning with a hint of humidity in the air, which actually made the trails a beautiful blanket of blush dirt. I realized on the run that I love running here for a variety of reasons. I am particular about the surfaces I run on because my ankles tend to be pretty weak when running on anything with the slightest unevenness (I once rolled an ankle on the Bike Path in Providence for cryin out loud). The trails here are very soft, but not slippery, and offer very even footing throughout. Obviously the scenery is beautiful, shaded trails in the forest, lakes and mountain ridge views. But what I realized today is the fun I have running with people here at Zap. Today it was Pete Rea, Amy Rudolph, Ryan Warrenburg and I and it was a lot of fun to just chat, talk about running gossip and tell funny stories.

The run itself went really well. We were clipping along at around 7:15 pace or so up and down the trails and overall I felt pretty good. My quads have been a little sore as of late but they held on for the duration of the run. My breathing was about where I thought it would be at 3,6ooft and staved off the fears I had last night of huffing and puffing my way around like a fat kid.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Planes, trains and automobiles

Wed: 6/10/09
This wasn't a planned day off but after a fairly long day of travel running just wasn't in the cards. I had a job interview in the morning plus a meeting with a local running store guy. Interestingly, after a few drafted proposals and dotting some x's and o's I will be the "official" coach of the Baltimore Marathon and Half Marathon.

I got to BWI in perfect time for my 2pm flight but US Airways decided they would rather take off at 4pm, which made coordinating my travel from Charlotte to Zap a little tough. I got picked up from the airport after landing at 5:45 and began our trek to Blowing Rock, sans air conditioning, by 6pm. After arriving in Zap at 7:30pm and scarfing some pizza I decided to just bag the run. It's nice at this point to not stress about having to get every little run in.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Perfect timing

Tue: 6/9/09
6 mile run (42:00)
Melanie got home from work early today to surprise me on my last day in Baltimore for 10 days and it made all the difference in the world. Just as she strolled through the door a nasty thunderstorm rolled through and put on quite a show. Luckily, I was able to check out the radar on Weather.com and found a perfect little window for us to get our run in. We took the road towards Druid Hill Park but this time turned towards JHU. This is a nice little route that allows us to get to the undergrad campus for some safe neighborhoods without having to run on the streets and in traffic. I actually felt really good for this one but Melanie's hamstrings were a little tight so we turned around at 40mins and I added on a little at the end to go check on my truck, which has been parked on the streets for quite some time in the city awarded the title "Most Homicides 2008".

Monday, June 8, 2009

"Ride on"

Mon: 6/8/09
No Running
Planned day off after a healthy 10 days of pavement pounding. Things are looking optimistic.

On a more melancholic note my prayers go out Landon's family and his close friends. I was fortunate enough to get to know Landon a little my Freshmen and Sophomore years and he left a lasting impression. I would be remiss if I didn't share two stories that, to me anyway, captured the amazing personality of Landon.

In a more serious context, I can remember sitting with Landon on the indoor track in the far corner (where the sprints started) after a team meeting we had with Johnny G. One of the elements that I think bonds teammates as more than merely friends is the shared sacrifice and the opening of ones feelings about their secret goals. While sitting by the mats Landon confessed to me that he wanted nothing more than to make the team for Pre-Nationals in Furman that year. he said it wasn't something he had told a lot of people but it was something he really wanted to accomplish. At the time, it was a major goal of mine as well and we vowed to hold each other accountable for doing whatever it took to make the team. It was the first time someone on the team had opened up to me like that and it made a lasting impression.

On the lighter side, I don't think anyone will ever forget the time Landon ran the entire Seekonk run with a pumpkin on his head. Hands down it is still one of the funniest moments I have ever witnessed and it lasted almost an hour. These varied and contrasting memories describe someone who had one of the most free spirited personalities I have yet to meet.

Rest in Peace Landon


Week in Review:
48 miles in 7 runs
This was a huge week in terms of getting back into things. I almost hit 50 miles but more importantly, the plantar continues to become less and less of an issue. I am really excited about what is to come. I will be traveling to Zap on Wed for 10 days to help out with some camps. I really hope that during this time I can really make a huge jump in the fitness department and come back to Baltimore/DC ready to actually put some "training" in.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

These are running trails?

Sun: 6/7/09
9 miles (1:03:30)
After a fun night in DC with a strong Ivy League contingent Melanie, George, Jilane, Owen and I set off from Georges place somewhere around mid-morning. We dipped into Rock Creek pretty quickly but the trails were super muddy and at first, since it wasn't a main trail, it was definitely more for walking than running. Since my trail technical skills on par with that of a 95 year old grandma, I fell behind rather quickly. When the trail got a little better I was able to keep up for the most part thanks to a little fartleking. This was the first time I have been over the 1 hour mark since last July and it was pretty fantastic. The top of my foot was really aggravated today but my plantar was good. I think I am going to take a precautinary day off tomorrow to help the top of my foot heal and get rested up for a big 10 days of training when I head down to Zap Fitness on Wednesday.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

NCR Trail

Sat: 6/6/09
8 mile run (56:00)
Melanie and I drove out to the NCR trail, which is about 15mins north of Baltimore. She told me it was an unpaved surface and a nice run. The nice run part was correct bu the surface was a weird combo of crushed limestone and pavement. It was certainly better than the concrete and brick ghetto sidewalks of Baltimore but not exactly the plush carpet I was looking for. Both Melanie and I didn't feel all that hot but the pace stayed brisk nonetheless. At 50mins we had returned to the parking lot and I dropped Melanie off and ran the last 6mins petty hard just to tack on some time and get the legs a little stretched out. It didn't really feel all that great but worth the effort.

Friday, June 5, 2009

"Jeff, we're definitely in the Ghetto"

Fri: 6/5/09
6 mile run (40:00)
I attempted to run to another park today via the streets of Baltimore but this time with Melanie. Unfortunately, my knack for finding safe places to run seems to have disappeared here in Baltimore. The run didn't feel all that great seeing as I felt very hyper-glycemic and was really hungry the whole time, which made me a little dizzy. Top of my foot still hurts but plantar felt good.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Barefoot on the fields

Thur: 6/4/09
7 mile run (53:00)
The showers today kept the weather pretty cool and it was really nice to get out and put in some exercise. Melanie was feeling a little tired after a long day at work so we decided we would run together for 15mins towards the JHU campus and leave me at the fields to run barefoot while she trekked home. The barefoot running on the fields felt great although I got my first glimpses of that old feeling of being tired on a run. Sadly, the tiredness was only due to a few sprints on the field. I found a new way home, which was a bike path that connected up to Druid Hill Park. My plantar has been feeling pretty good as of late and it's pretty exciting. As all things go in the running wold, nothing can be perfect. The top of my foot where the shoes laces has been sore as of late and it's rather bothersome during runs. Such is the running game

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's National Running Day!

Wed: 6/3/09
6 mile run (45:00)
So, the title is a little lame but hey, I'll be the first. Twas a much better day today, I got a job offer and now it's time to make some tough decisions, a T-Chart might be coming into play soon. It was pretty hot and humid all day but lucky Melanie had to work later tonight (well, lucky for me, prolly not so much her) and we left the house at about 7pm admist a very intermittent drizzle. I decided that I was going to put my foot and some training theories to the test today. Melanie and I jogged to the Hopkins undergrad campus and I found the synthetic soccer fields and proceeded to shed the shoes and go barefoot. I did one lap easy and then 3 more laps with a nice little 15 second stride each lap. If felt great to go barefoot and even better to stretch out the legs for the first time in, oh, forever. As I type this, the foot feels pretty good and I am optimisitc about this "new" idea.

p.s. This is my 8th day in a row running!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If you can't stand the heat...

Tue: 6/2/09
6 mile run (40:00)
Today was a pretty frustrating day from a personal standpoint to say the least. Luckily, at about 7:30 Melanie bribed me into going on a run, which instantly made me feel quite a bit less frustrated. After a bit of convo about the route we would take and adjusting for the fact that there are so many awesome places to run in Baltimore (insert sarcasm here). We settled upon the Druid Park loop. About 10-15 mins in I realized I wasn't really feeling all that chipper but luckily Mel chimed in about a min later and said she felt the same. Oddly, it seemed the pace aas a little bit faster than the previous two days. Perhaps this was perception and perhaps in contributed to our collective sense of crappyness. In any case, we decided to call it at 20mins out and headed for home. It was the first decently warm, let's be honest it wasn't really hot, day i've run in since my comeback. My body still hates it.

A lil Connecticut flava for ya ear

Mon: 6/1/09
6 mile run (45:00)
This morning was rather busy with the funeral and all so Melanie and I opted to do our run after the ceremonies. Unfortunately for us, lunch was a huge array of different foods and both of us gorged pretty heavily. After my story about Saturday's run Melanie wanted to take me to the "ghetto" of Suffield. It was a pretty rough area, I even saw one house with chipped paint. We decided to "race" the last 800 meters and it must have been one of the most pathetic sites anyone could witness. Two former XC All-Americans battling it out with grimaced faces, arms pumping like Mike Tysons punch-out (Melanie's case), legs flaring (my case) at an astonishing 6min per mile. The foot felt good and after a quick shower we were back on the road to Bodymore, Murderland.

Sun: 5/31/09
6 mile run (47:00)
After a blissful morning of lounging around the Schorr residence eating omelets and watching youtube videos, Melanie I suited up for our run at around 11am. The sun was shining and the temps were in the mid-70's with a light breeze. It was the quintessential New England summer morning. Despite it's small town charm, Suffield has very little in the way of soft surfaces so Melanie and I stayed on the roads. She did try to take me on this one overgrown trail that was her "high school make out spot" but it became quickly un-runnable. Melanie and I debated on the pace after the run and while she was praying for a 7min mile avg, I was more realistic with my 7:30-8min approximation. The foot felt pretty decent and it was a great day to be out running. Happy Days!