Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Double Trouble

Wed: 6/17/09
AM: 8 mile run (1:00:00)
Took to the trails this morning with the intent of taking it easy and putting some miles on the legs. Ran two laps around the lake with the guys warming up for a workout and then headed into the trails up to the Manner (pictured below) and back down. I was feeling rather winded today for some reason but it was misting nicely and I was enjoying the run. However, at 35mins or so I rolled my ankle on a loose rock, bastard. It wasn't that bad and I was able to continue on but it was rather bothersome. Finished with an easy two strides and a quick soak for the ankle.

4 mile run (30:00)
The ankle was a little stiff but I figured it was good to go after I heated it a bit to loosen it up. Most of the guys joined me for a jaunt around the 800 meter loop and discussed guy things, quite entertaining. This is my first double since July, which is unbelievably exciting. I need to stop recording my "first since ____" but this was another milestone in the recovery!


Smita said...

Hi Jeff, I'm glad you have a blog. I jumped on the bandwagon, and mine is: Talk to you soon!


mrn said...

add a title before jilane has a seizure.