Thursday, June 11, 2009

You can put it on the board

Fri: 6/12/09
14 mile run (1:32:30)
So Jilane has lost her mantle as "Worst athlete I coach". Today I took her crown and put it on my head and it fit perfect. I like to call my 14 today a "mistake" but when I explained my story to Melanie she merely laughed and called me an idiot.

I started the morning with the intention of running 10 0r 11 miles, a smart idea I thought. The plan was to run a 1500 meter lake loop and then head up the mountain to make sure the campers knew which way go. However, Amy was doing a workout so I decided to just do her warm-up, 3 miles around the lake, and then head up the trail. When I got to the crossroad of the trail I went the wrong well. However, I did realize I had gone the wrong way about 1/2mile in and could have easily turned around. However, I chose to use this "excuse" as my reasoning behind going longer. When I got back to the lake at 1:17 I was kinda dissapointed I could barely call the run 12 so I tacked on two extra lake loops with Amy to make it 14.

To be truthful, the run felt really good. It is the first time I have felt like a runner and my old self in a long time and I just didn't want it to end. Part of the reason I like running is the feeling of control I have over my body. I am sure everyone enjoys the mental confidence and boost that comes with knowing they can run 14 miles or the pride that comes with knowing what they can out their body through. Honestly, it's something I missed a lot when I wasn't running.

Despite this thought it was not a smart decision. My foot is a little sore after and I know continuing to make dumb decisions is only going to lead to more setbacks. It's time to be a little smarter about things while still having some fun. I am going to baby the foot tonight and see how it feels tomorrow.

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