Thursday, June 18, 2009


Thur: 6/18/09
3 mile w/u
2.8 mile climb at steady/tempo (15:45 - 5:37 pace average)
3 mile c/d

Wanted to get one more workout in at Zap using the uphill climb from the lake to the manor so decided to put it to the test today. Overall the workout went well, I actually didn't feel bad until the last 400 meters or so and def could have pushed harder in the middle section. It was difficult with no splits and no real measurement of effort until the end.

Started this one in the afternoon because I had to pick up a lady at the airport this morning for the camp that's starting this weekend. In retrospect, eating a sandwich, chips and chocolate milk an hour before the workout wasn't the best idea I've ever had. When I got back to Zap the guys said that's not a bad time up to the manor as the ZP (Zap record is 14:11). At this point, I gauge all workouts as a High School senior. As in I say to myself after each workout "self, if you were in high school, would you be pleased". Today my over ambitious, uneducated 18-year old self said yes.

Did the same workout as in the video, just only 2.8 miles of the hill

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