Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Planes, trains and automobiles

Wed: 6/10/09
This wasn't a planned day off but after a fairly long day of travel running just wasn't in the cards. I had a job interview in the morning plus a meeting with a local running store guy. Interestingly, after a few drafted proposals and dotting some x's and o's I will be the "official" coach of the Baltimore Marathon and Half Marathon.

I got to BWI in perfect time for my 2pm flight but US Airways decided they would rather take off at 4pm, which made coordinating my travel from Charlotte to Zap a little tough. I got picked up from the airport after landing at 5:45 and began our trek to Blowing Rock, sans air conditioning, by 6pm. After arriving in Zap at 7:30pm and scarfing some pizza I decided to just bag the run. It's nice at this point to not stress about having to get every little run in.

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