Sunday, June 21, 2009

Farewell Zap

Week in Review:
Miles - 74
9 runs - 66 singles

Well, this was definitely the first week in about a year I can call myself a runner. I boosted the mileage a bit and got in some quality work that will help set me up for the next few months. I have a sketched out plan and will upload it to the blog soon. After talking with Pete for a bit this weekend I know I need to fix my bio-mechanical problems. Anyone that has seen me run knows that there is something messed up with my stride and I need to fix that. I plan on visiting a guy in Charlottesville, VA who specializes in bio-mechanics and slow motion videos the stride with all those pads on and isolates which muscles are not firing and need to be worked on. I plan on getting this done after I figure out my job situation and get more financially stable. I am excited to get back to Baltimore (has anyone ever said that?) and continuing my progression.

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Smita said...

any chance I can get some workout ideas from you? Would like to train for nothing longer than a 10k right now. Thanks coach G!