Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sun: 6/28/09
6 mile run (40:00)
Another down mileage day but I'm not going to worry about it. I forgot my night splint and I haven't been able to heat or ice so it's probably best I don't go overboard with the training this weekend. Toured the town of Biddeford and showed Melanie the old stomping grounds.

Sat: 6/27/09
9 mile run (58:00)
Twas a busy morning traveling back to Maine from Boston. Wanted to run at 1 or 2 so I could get another one in later in the evening but there were a lot of family things going on and I wasn't able to get out until 6 or so. Took Melanie to the beach and did a very pretty loop on the rocky coast. I kicked off the shoes afterward and did some barefoot sprints on the beach. It felt fun to be moving that fast again.

Fri: 6/26/09

AM: 9 mile run (1:00:00)
Ran in the morning before a hectic day of travel and it was quite a good run. I decided to explore a little more of Druid Hill Park and found a service road, behind the zoo I think, that is a great place to run. It's very shaded, hilly, and there is no one out there. All it's missing is being a dirt road. Undoubtedly, this will become a staple run for me. Didn't have time to run in the afternoon.

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