Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's National Running Day!

Wed: 6/3/09
6 mile run (45:00)
So, the title is a little lame but hey, I'll be the first. Twas a much better day today, I got a job offer and now it's time to make some tough decisions, a T-Chart might be coming into play soon. It was pretty hot and humid all day but lucky Melanie had to work later tonight (well, lucky for me, prolly not so much her) and we left the house at about 7pm admist a very intermittent drizzle. I decided that I was going to put my foot and some training theories to the test today. Melanie and I jogged to the Hopkins undergrad campus and I found the synthetic soccer fields and proceeded to shed the shoes and go barefoot. I did one lap easy and then 3 more laps with a nice little 15 second stride each lap. If felt great to go barefoot and even better to stretch out the legs for the first time in, oh, forever. As I type this, the foot feels pretty good and I am optimisitc about this "new" idea.

p.s. This is my 8th day in a row running!

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