Monday, June 15, 2009

Following my own advice for once

Mon: 6/15/09
7 mile run (50:00)
2 x 10 sec hill sprints
Took it nice and easy with Berg today around the zap facility. The 800 meter soft dirt loop is surprisingly not that boring to run on. It has a few interesting kinks and the section by the stream keeps it interesting. We talked mostly about USA's and Berg's favorite subject, Christian Hesch. My foot felt great, no pain whatsoever and my legs didn't feel all that bad from the 14 yesterday although it was a bit humid and that never helps me. At 40 mins I detoured from the facility and ran up the road to this really cool dirt road that houses some neat country houses. It was really a beautiful sight as some clouds were rolling in over the mountains and whispering through the trees. Amy Rudolph said it reminded her a lot of Ireland but, since I've never been, I can't make a judgement. At 45 mins I decided to get started on the hill sprints I prescribed for the day. If you don't know what they are feel free to read my coaching blog about them. Since I only did two of them they felt good and not much to write home about.

In the PM I did my core routine to get buff.

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