Sunday, June 21, 2009

Greener Pastures

Sun: 6/21/09
15 mile run (1:40:00)
A pretty solid long run today up and down the hills at Moses Cone. I had to run by myself as I was leaving for Charlotte and 11:30 and the guys weren't starting their until 10 or so. However, I enjoyed being by myself and with my thoughts for a bit.

Started out with an easy lake loop and is was apparent from the start that I was going to feel better than I have the last few days. It's hard to tell, since i didn't get a split, but I think I was climbing the manor at a decent pace. Took the crest over the hill towards Rich Mtn and chilled on the way back down. At about 40mins or so my hamstrings started to get a little tight after all the hills but it wasn't too bad. From 40-52 mins was another climb and I felt decent. When I got to the top I was greeted by an open pasture on the side of the hill with hundreds of cows just chillin out chompin grass. It was a really great picture and it felt great to be out exploring. The retrun trip was tough as the 1 mile trek up Manor mtn from the backside is shorter but steeper. I survived and enjoyed the ride down the mountain. Today I added on a lake loop, trying to hold a decent pace, to make 15.

Overall I am very pleased with the run. It was certainly a solid long run and a great day to be running!

The pasture atop Rich mountain

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