Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still feelin it

Tue: 8/25/09
AM: 10 mile run (1:10:00)
My legs still felt pretty beat up for this one, especially the last mile or two. I guess I am not really surprised after a tough week. I know I had a similar week a few weeks ago and I emerged from the that down with a new level of fitness. Hoping to get the same result this time. Did some barefoot strides on the grass to help loosen things up.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Mon: 8/25/09
AM: 10 mile run (1:11:00)
The legs were still pretty tight and sore today so took it easy. Ran to Herring run from the gym and did a nice loop on the path. Found a little woodchipped detour that added on 3 or 4 mins or so. My quads were particularly sore today but I don't think the pace dawdled too much. The weather has finally become more toreable. Today was 67 or so and the humidity was bearable. I know we probably have a few more weeks where thins will get nasty again but I think the worst of the summer weather is over. I also was able to get back to the gym routine today after it was closed last week for cleaning. Did a decent set of general strength.

PM: 6 mile run (41:30)
Ran with Melanie and the temps were still pretty manageable. I actually felt a little better for this one that I have in the past.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week in Review

80 mpw - 10 runs = 62 miles singles

Very intense week with three workouts. Pretty happy with how they all went although I would certainly have wished for better weather Saturday. The overall weather this week was terrible but it looks like things are gonna finally break. Looking forward to recovering and letting this training absorb and moving in to a more focused aerobic development phase.

Not a slave to the 7 day schedule

Sun: 8/23/09
AM: 8 mile run (58:00)
Well, I knew this was an intense week and I thought I might be able to squeeze a long run into the mix to cap it off. Boy, was I wrong. I felt like complete crap from the gun and, although I loosened up a little by the end, trying to go long would have been a wash. Melanie and I took the hilly Druid Hill loop in order to stay in the shade; I was glad to have her around to keep the pace honest. Gonna move the long run to Tuesday or maybe even Wednesday, depending on how I feel so I can make sure it's a good solid effort. Happy with the smart decision making as of late.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Road whore

Sat: 8/22/09
AM: 3 w/u, 12k tempo (40:45) (3:11, 3:16, 3:15, 3:25, 3:24, 3:34, 3:24, 3:24, 3:27, 3:29, 3:28, 3:23), 2c/d - Avg pace = 5:27

Decided to do my tempo effort today at a local race in Greenbelt, MD. From a humidity standpoint, the weather might have been the worst I've ever tried to work out in. It was 77 degrees and 93% humidity, which made for a dew point of 72. The field was small, 200 runners or so, and the course was basically a "T" shape that started and finished at the middle point. I was on ideal pace through 3k (not long I know) but I was 45 secs clear of the field and the humidity and slight rolling hills were gonna take their toll. Struggled to push the pace back under the 5:20 barrier and the last 2k was pretty tough on the legs.

Overall, I was satisfied with the workout. I certainly wish it would have been faster but the weather made such a difference today. I think I produced a good tempo to aerobic threshold effort and it will certainly add to my fitness.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Fri: 8/21/09
AM: 6 mile run (45:00)
My hamstring (Ischial Tuberosity) was killing me this morning and I had trouble just getting my leg moving without pain. I've had this problem for a while and I had hoped that the extensive time off would have healed it up. Yesterday's track workout flared it up again, damn. I decided to let my body dictate the pace and 8 min miles is what ensued.

PM: 4 mile (30:00)
Just an easy shakeout with Melanie so I could have another opportinity to get blood flowing and a good stretch. Needless to say, it was humid and uncomfortable but the extra stretching felt nice.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Speed Kills

Thur: 8/20/09
AM: 3.5 w/u - last mile @ 5:25
4 x 32/42 per 200 meters (31.2, 43.3, 31.2, 41.9, 31.7, 42.0, 31.4, 42.3) = 4:55.3 mile
6 min rest
200 (28.9) 400 (62.8) 600 (1:40) 400 (64.1) 200 (31.3) w/3:15-3:45 sec rest
5 min rest
4 x 32/42 per 200 meters (32.5, 43.5, 32.1, 43.2, 32.2, 43.4, 31.8, 43.4) = 5:02 mile
2.5 c/d
Total = 9 miles

This workout was way harder than I predicted, mainly because my speed and speed endurance right now is non-existent. Looking at the sprint times is appalling seeing as I was running ALL OUT to hit them. Nevertheless, the work is obviously what I needed. As I've said to many athletes I coach; we do workouts to improve fitness, not to see how good we are. Leave that to the races. I have to heed my own advice on this one. The weather was once again brutal - 77 degrees, 83% humidity and a dew point at 72. Luckily, I brought two bottles of water with me and over the course of the workout poured both of them on myself.

I was rigging pretty hard during the 400 and 600 parts of this workout. When I did the 600 in 1:40 I thought about pulling the plug but took an extra rest and decided to man up. I am glad I did, not that I felt any better.

The 32/42 thing is a play on Bowerman's infamous 30/40. I knew the purpose was to run 30/40 as long as you could and that I wouldn't be able to do one of them so I slowed it down. I was surprised that I was able to get the last set done as I had pretty much written it off mid workout. I decided to just do one at a time. This was really really tough even given my slower standards. Galen Rupp once ran 24 laps at 30/40. After doing this workout for myself, that is pretty amazing.

PM: 4 mile run (30:00)
Felt pretty crappy and tired on this one, not surprised. Good little shakeout in the Balto furnace.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wogging Wednesday's

Wed: 8/19/09 AM: 8 mile run (59:00)
Dew point - 71 degrees. That's all that needs to be said about the weather. Not surprisingly, the legs were a little heavy from yesterday, but they weren't sore. I like running on the golf course for my recovery days because it's soft and the route changes based on who's on the course and such so I don't get wrapped in pace. Today I kicked off the shoes for 12 mins and ran some of the fairways barefoot. They were still wet from the rain last night and the watering this morning; it felt good to have the cool water between my toes.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If you can't stand the heat

Tue: 8/18/09
AM: 3 w/u, 4 x 1.46 miles w/90sec rest (7:15 = 4:57 per mile) (7:09 = 4:53 per mile) (7:14 = 4:57 per mile) (7:08 = 4:53 per mile), 2 c/d

The progress continues with another decent workout. The weather was uncooperative this morning with temps in around 76-78 degrees and high humidity. I really can't wait until the crisp fall weather. I guess the plan was to start at 5:10 pace and work my way down each interval. I wasn't feeling particularly chipper on the warm-up (running 8min pace) so I thought this one might go to sh*t rather quickly. I started comfortably and was rather surprised to see myself go through 800 at sub 5min pace but was feeling ok so decided to go with it. The last 600 meter stretch I started to feel the strain a little. Took the second out on what I thought was the same pace and was surprised again to come through faster. At this point I knew two things. 1. I was having a good day 2. I was heading to the hurt house for the second half of this workout. The third interval was tough but I maintained a strong pace and was able to finish up near the first one. The last one would have been the same pace as three had it not been for a valient last 600 meters. I was wiped when I finished and felt like my skin was on fire. It took me a while before I was even ready to start jogging back. Very pleased with the workout, a postive step in the right direction.

Author's note: Looked up the 1.5 mile workout I did when I think I was in the best marathon shape of my life in 2006. 6 x 1.5 miles - 7:30, 7:30, 7:30, 7:28, 7:28, 7:26. Granted, I did take 800 meter rest but that's still a ton of volume. (with the workout, w/u, c/d and a second run I had 25 miles on the day.

PM: 4 mile run (30:00)
Melanie and I caught a much welcomed break when a massive thunderstorm rolled through around 7pm. We waited for the tail end and headed out the door in the much cooler temps. By the end of the run the sun had come back out making for an absolutely humid experience but we were done. Opted for 4 this afternoon bc Mel's been working a lot this week and she's tired and I knew this run needed to be a shakeout and not a struggle for fitness. See, sometimes I'm smart.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Mon: 8/17/09
AM: 8 mile run (56:00)
Ran to the golf course today for some running on the soft stuff. Body and legs felt better than I thought they would after the long run yesterday. The course was pretty much empty, which was nice and relaxing. I must say, this golf course is in great shape for a public course in the middle of summer. It looks like it would be a somewhat fun course to play, I hope to give it a go in the fall. Unfortunately, the weather is going to be brutal again this week.

PM: 6 mile run (42:00)
Didn't get this one done until a little later. Positive - running at night is much cooler and can be a nice way to collect the thoughts. Negative - running in Baltimore at night sucks.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week in Review

99 miles - 12 runs = 71 singles
This is one of the best weeks of training I've had since I started back up. Both workouts were pretty decent and the long run was solid. More importantly, the number of miles near 6 min pace this week was way up. Just need to keep stringing consistent and solid weeks like this together and I'll be able to tackle some more impressive and serious workouts.

Can you work with that

Sun: 8/16/09
AM: 15.5 mile run (1:36:14)
Another pretty solid long run today. I knew it was going to be hot today and I didn't have access to a treadmill that went sub 6 so I jumped out of bed at 6:00am this morning and went to work alone. Things were a little stiff and tired the first three miles or so up Charles st. Not surprising as it is the first 3 miles and mostly uphill. Hit Lake Montebello and started to pick up the pace to what I thought was near 6min pace. Dipped down into Herring run park, which was surprisingly easy to keep pace on, despite the numerous dogs. I actually like running here as parts of the trail are pretty covered and you're out of the city for a bit. Turned around at a little over 6 still feeling good and hit Lake Montebello and tried to pick up the pace for two laps. Ran 5:40-45 pace for 2.72 miles and then headed back down 33rd for home. Really fell apart on 33rd st., it's a slight gradual uphill and I wasn't feeling all that great but the main culprit was my right hip flexor. It started to tighten up and I dealt with it for a mile or a mile and a half and then decided I should just stop quick and stretch it out. Good decision as I felt much better once I started back up. Made a big pace push down St. Paul, which is an easy thing to do because it's a huge net downhill. Shuffled in the last 4 mins. Happy to average 6:16 pace for the entire run, things are improving! Today and yesterday were great for just lounging around and doing nothing. World Champs, Golf and the Packers - neither really interfering with the other time was. Perfect weekend

PM: Did 4 miles with Melanie when she got home at 9pm. She really wanted to run after a 14 hour day and I didn't want her to be out alone

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Easy fo' sheezy

Sat: 8/15/09
AM: 7 mile run (54:00)
Met up with the Marathon Training group this morning. Luckily, there were some faster runners today and I was able to run without shuffling. Made a couple of trips back and forth to make sure people knew where they were going, which helped me run a more normal pace and keep the distance where I wanted it. Good day of recovery.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Combination Pizza Hut and Taco bell

Fri: 8/14/09
AM: 3 w/u, 5 x 800/300 with 200 and 30o rest (2:30, 58, 49.7, 130) (2:26, 1:00, 49.9, 1:55) (2:21, 1:00, 49.8, 1:42) (2:21, 1:04, 48.7, 1:58) (2:17, 68, 47.4, 1:35), 2c/d

Pretty solid workout today. Was looking to get some faster intervals in while still maintaining a semblance of a strength workout. The temps were mild, 72, but the humidity was through the roof. When I left the house it was 93%. I am glad I went with this workout as it is obvious my speed is sill very much lacking and this was a good way to dip into that a little. It was tough to get moving the first 800, which suggests I need to work on getting more warmed up before fast interval sessions. I was surprised to keep bringing the 800 pace down and happy to keep the 300's under 50. Each recovery was just enough to get me feeling on the brink of ready to go. They slowed a little as the workout progressed but not bad. Took water stops on the 300 rest of 2 and 4. Hit the gym afterward for some light stretching in the pool and an intro leg strength session.

PM: 6 mile run (42:15)
Went out around 6:45with Melanie. She wanted to "take it slow" but she still had me dusted for most of the run. Didn't fell great, legs were heavy from the workout and lifting. Didn't get to eat anything for quite a while after the run. We went to a birthday party for one of her friends at a swank place near here. We arrived at 8:15 and promptly ordered. The waiter screwed up our drink order twice, didn't have the wine I ordered on the list and couldn't remember who ordered what. That's not the worst of it. We ordered 4 meals (3 of us split meals) and it took over 90mins for our food to arrive. The waiter and manager said they were very busy (I counted 25 people sitting in the restaurant - and all the offered for food was one of those planned 3 course meals. You know, 4 choices of appetizer, 5 main courses, etc.) When we got the bill there was an additional 20% service charge for a large party (when did ordering 4 dishes become a large party). Needless to say I put up quite the fight. Luckily, the night ended on a good note as Melanie and I won a dance off with another couple on the dance floor. Yeah, I still got moves in these old legs.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Steady Freddy

Thur: 8/13/09
AM: 10 miles (6 miles steady in middle - 3 miles 5:55 pace, 3 miles 5:45 pace)
Run was pretty nice this morning and only got better when I returned home to see that I was running sub 6 pace. I did loops around Lake Montebello, which I mapped to be 1.36 miles around (approximation via mapmyrun). It was kind of cool not knowing exactly how fast I was running and just going by effort. Had I known I was feeling that easy running 5:55 pace and 5:45's I would have certainly sped up to 5:30's because it sounds better. The weather was drastically better this morning than it has been the last few days. The first part of the run was cool in comparison to what it has been but being in the sun for an hour got to me by the end. I finished rather wet and had to walk through the gym looking like a wet dog, which never impresses people. I had one guy in the locker room ask me if it was raining out. Did a jv version of the med ball and pedestal routines today.

PM: This run was both good and bad. The good - It was night and I ran out to the golf course and got two wonderful miles barefoot on a great surface. The bad - it was night and I ran through the wrong neighborhood in Baltimore. Running by "the corners" in Baltimore at night in running shorts = very bad idea.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gettin buff

Wed: 8/12/09
AM: 10 mile run (1:06:00)
Started the run at the Hopkins gym because I really need to get back into a gym routine. I was ashamed when I looked back and saw the last time I was really dedicated to doing a solid strength/core/plyo routine was the summer of 2007. I was just very difficult to implement at Queens for a variety of reasons. Took the run down 33rd to Lake Montebello and headed into Herring Run Park. It's an out and back but the Herring Run part of the run is pretty nice. It was pretty humid this morning and the legs felt off and on heavy but for the most part things felt ok after a workout. Hit the fake grass field for 8 mins barefoot running and 6 speedy strides. I hate that this field is always locked and I have to jump the fence. As Melanie reminded me, it's not going to be long before I get in trouble. Wanted to do more barefoot running but my achilles has been tight as of late and didn't want to push it too much.

Did a pretty light general strength routine because I haven't been in the muscle room for a while and didn't want to over do it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hamster wheel again

Tue: 8/11/09
AM: 6 mile run (40:00)
The weather was going to be out of control again today so I decided to sack up and do my workout on the treadmill. This meant it made more sense to get my second run in first, which is always a nice way to shakeout in the morning. It was hot and humid but otherwise felt decent.

PM: 3 w/u, 2 mile (5:12, 5:12) 2min rest, 2mile (5:07, 5:07) 2min rest, 1 mile (5:00), 2 c/d
The first thing I have to say about this workout is that the people who designed the Hopkins rec center aren't that intelligent. Having windows as walls for three sides of the building during the summer steams up that room like you wouldn't believe. I am sure they save all kinds of energy in the winter but f me does it get hot in the summer. I made the mistake of not bringing my own fan and it was quite the rough one. The plan was to do 3 x 2mile but I was just soaked and on fire by the last one and just called it bc it was silly. Overall I would say I felt good, minus the overheating. The breathing was controlled through the first 7mins or so of each interval and then started to labor. Luckily, I jumped off the aching and immediately jumped in the pool as it felt like my body was on fire. Gross, I know, but I was so wet the other people swimming surely thought I had just come out of the shower.

I guess I could take this time and discuss the good vs the bad in treadmill use for workouts. On one hand it's way easier since all you have to do is plug and run, especially when you work out by yourself. However, part of racing well is learning and feeling pace. There is also the fact hat the road is moving under you and you not over it. I am no kinesiology expert but I would believe your engaging slightly different muscles. I try to combat this by using a 2.0 incline, which seems to be the universally accepted incline to simulate the road. However, in some ways it's hard to mentally run on that machine without going crazy. While I think the negatives slightly outweigh the positives - in this weather, with no training partners, and my fitness still pretty fragile - I think it's the best way to go. Using it regulates me to threshold workouts but that isn't such a bad thing for the long term anyway.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mon: 8/10/09
AM: 8 mile run (56:00)
80 degrees for a 6:30am start, blah. My legs were a little tired from yesterdays mill jaunt so I eased my way down Charles st towards the Inner Harbor. This run, because of all the turns and such, keeps the pace slow and I don't feel bad for "wogging". Glad I was able to get up and get this one done early.

PM: 6 mile run (43:00)
The temp was in the low 90's but the humidity was pretty low. I kept things very easy so I didn't overheat and overall it was a decent run. Ran in a new pair of adrenalines because mine were all at Melanie's and the feet enjoyed the comfy new ride.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Week in Review

95 miles - 12 runs = 64 singles

A much better week than last week but the intensity is still pretty low. One workout and a solid long run. Need to really work on stepping up the volume of faster miles or the fitness is going to stay as it. The weather hasn't been really cooperating but excuses are excuses.

Treadmill - fo' real

Sun: 8/9/09
AM: 14 mile run (1:27:00)
Woke up at 7am this morning knowing that today was gonna be a real burner outside. Looked at the temps and it was already 78 degrees and 86% humidity. I already knew that this one would suck if I got out the door asap and any hesitation would make it death. My head was a little sore from our exploration of Baltimore's finest last night and I opted to lay back down knowing full well that this regulated me to trying to get on the treadmill. Good god. Luckily, Melanie was able to sweet talk the security guard at the Med campus gym to let me in with her and we were on our way to hamster wheel heaven. The first two miles rolled by at 7:15 or so pace and I wasn't feeling all that bad but I was convinced I was rolling off this thing in 30mins. I brought the pace down to the 6:15 range and let it hang there for a bit starting to feel a bit better. At this point I decided that hammering as hard as I could would make the time go by faster so I inched it down to 6min pace and was going to do a cutdown as far as I could go. After a mile or two at 6min pace I hit the button to creep into the 5min pace ranges and nothing happened. The treadmill maxed out at 6min pace, ugh. Unfortunately, I was feeling good and would have loved to hammer hard, especially because it gets it over with quicker. I'll take solace in the fact that I averaged right near 6min pace for 10 miles or so and felt good. As much as the hamster wheel blows it's better than dying outside and running slow.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Two easy runs

Sat: 8/8/09
AM: 6 mile run (50:00)
Ran with the Baltimore Marathon Training Group for the first two miles in about 20mins. After we got back to the parking lot my knee was a little tight so I stopped and stretched for 5mins and it felt better so I continued on alone. Ventured down the Hopkins trail and did a few laps around the fields before returning back. Very easy easy run

PM: 6 mile run (41:30)
Ran with Melanie after a Saturday filled with mostly domestic duties. It didn't feel like we were running very quick but when we got to the bottom of the hill I noticed we could set a new pr. Melanie proceeded to sprint up the hill while I dodged cars trying to catch her.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Golf course

Fri: 8/7/09
AM: 8 mile run (56:00)
This morning was absolutely perfect weather wise. I got out at about 7:15 after sleeping in a little because I got home late last night. It was mid 60's and not very humid at all. I wanted to get on some softer stuff today after a solid day yesterday but almost avoided the golf course because I thought it would be busy. Luckily, I convinced myself to go and it was pretty sparse on the links, which gave me free reign of the fairways. Didn't feel that bad and enjoyed the soft grass. Great morning to be out!

PM: 6 mile run (42:00)
Got out alone after work since it was so nice. Felt decent

Do work son

Thur: 8/6/09
AM: 3 w/u, 5.75 mile tempo (30:42) 1.45 mile loops (7:54 - 5:26) (7:42 - 5:18) (7:41 - 5:18) (7:25 - 5:08), 2 c/d

Had a real good one today but I shouldn't be surprised. The weather was mild and I hadn't done anything hard in a week but it felt good nonetheless. Started out easy just trying to feel things out. I hit the 7:55 and felt ok but no great. I thought bringing the pace down to 7:50 on the next loop would be successful and I was surprised to see myself go through so fast. I didn't know if I could hold it but I wanted to try. Coming through in 7:40 was nice and I decided I wanted to put the pedal to the floor the last mile. Hit half way in 3:45 and was excited about breaking 7:30. The last 1k was tough but in a good way. Overall, I felt things really clicked today and it was fun to be out there. Just gotta keep plugging away.

PM: 8mile run (57:00)
I drove down to DC in the afternoon to help Jilane move. She needed to get a run in so I decided what the heck. The convo was great and the time just seemed to fly by. Before I knew it itwas time to turn around and head back. Unfortuantly, I think Jilane was a little tired and I felt bad for pushing. Oh well, she can suck it up...wuss. She treated me to a delicious dinner from Baja fresh before we attempted the ugly, moving her bed without taking it apart. Let's just say driving around DC with a bed half way out of your truck probably isn't the smartest idea. Then again, when have either of us ever made smart decisions.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another scorcher

Wed: 8/5/09
AM: 10 mile run (1:08:00)
Ran to the Hopkins field and did another 15 minutes around the field barefoot. Again, it was nice to throw off the kicks and feel faster. I've been meaning to add this to the training for a while and I happy I got it in the last few days. Thought about running again in the afternoon but it was a burner outside and I decided to make dinner instead.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

God didn't want me to workout today

Tue: 8/5/09
AM: 5 miles (NT)
Ran 3 miles to the track to warm-up and get ready for a threshold effort. Got there and the gates were locked so I decided to jump the fence. As I was putting on my flats the security guard made her way over and told me I couldn't be on the track until she opened the gates at 7am. It was 6:50. I rescaled the fence, which is rather tall, and did loops in the parking lot to stay warmed up. 7am rolled around and no security guard. 7:10, 7:15, 7:20, still no sign of the security guard. Ran around the building to see what the deal was and I saw her car parked with her nowhere to be seen. With the sun rising on a soon to be 90+ degree day I decided to bag the workout and run home. I am proud of the restraint I showed in not flipping out and getting myself arrested.

PM: 8 miles - 15 mins barefoot.
Was going to use the treadmill today at Hopkins to workout but when I went to sign-up I was told I needed my ID Card. Problem is, I don't have one. No biggie, a long walk across campus would procure me one...except the office was closed for the day. This meant no workout today. However, in the late evening I ran over to the Hopkins fields and kicked off the shoes and ran for 15 minutes barefoot. I think I was going a little bit more uptempo but it could have been the fact that I was barefoot, it was night and I was doing 300 meter circles. Either way, it felt good.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Somebody's go a case of the Monday's

Mon: 8/3/09
AM: 8 mile run (58:00)
Ran down to the Inner Harbor and Patterson Park. Legs felt a little sluggish given the fact I didn't do anything hard yesterday. There really wasn't much else to report from this run.

PM: 6 mile run (41:30)
Ran this one alone and felt pretty good once I got going. Got out a bit later and the sun was setting so the temperature was better than it has been. The humidity wasn't bad either and it was a nice late evening cruise on the streets.

Week in Review

66 miles

This week was a disaster but I guess I can use it as a recovery week. I think I figured out most of the hurdles that prevented me from really training this week. I don't sleep well at my place because it's loud and somewhat uncomfortable so I am napping at Melanie's more and setting up my place better. I got back on a heavy iron and B-complex regimen to combat some of the fatigue as well. I am also going to sign up at the Hopkins gym. It's extremely cheap for Melanie and I because we're students and I can use the treadmills for when the weather is brutal. They also have a quick ass climbing wall, a 180m indoor track, pool and nice weight facility with some nice grass fields next door for strides. I am excited about adding back all the little things to the training.

Ketchup post

Sun: 8/2/09
AM: 13 mile run (1:28:00)
The weather was merciful today as it stayed over cast with some light sprinkles. It was still humid as all get up but the rain helped keep things in check. Ran hard the last mile.

Sat: 8/1/09
AM: 7 miles (1:03:00)
Ran with the Baltimore Marathon training group really easy. Felt good but was obv moving pretty slow. Spent the day swimming in the river with Jilane, Ben, Dan and another Brown grad. Fun stuff
PM: 4 miles
Hadn't planned on going out again but Melanie had a rough outing at the Hospital and I didn't want her running in the dark alone

Fri: 7/31/09
AM: 12 x 400 w/30 sec rest and 1:00 after each 4 for water (first four 72, second 71, third 70's)
This was another brutal weather day on the track. I would have been much happier with 16 intervals but I was toast after 12. I also decided this week was shit already so I am gonna scrap it and use it as a down week.

Thur: 7/30/09
AM: 10 mile run (1:05:00)
Ran most of this a little bit more uptempo and felt good after the day off yesterday
PM: 6miles
Ran with Melanie through the Hopkins loop. She took it easy on me today

Woke up this morning and felt terrible. Almost fell asleep on my walk of shame back to my place before the run, laid down for a second and the next thing I knew it was 3 hours later. Took another nap around 3pm as well. Accomplished the vaunted Hansons All-American (two naps, one being over 2 hours, in one day after a full night's sleep). Realized I haven't been taking iron at all so jumped back on that bandwagon.

Tue: 7/28/09
AM: 2 x mile, 4 x 300
Failed Workout. The weather was brutal. I tried getting out early, 6am, but it was still mid 70's and 80+ humidity. I felt ok but started burning up after the second one when the sun came out. Just bagged it instead of going to the well
PM: 4 mile run
Just a short one with Mel

Mon: 7/27/09
AM: 8 mile run (58:00) w/ 6 x hill sprints
Ran the Inner Harbor, felt pretty decent
PM: 6 mile run
Hopkins route with Melanie