Monday, August 3, 2009

Ketchup post

Sun: 8/2/09
AM: 13 mile run (1:28:00)
The weather was merciful today as it stayed over cast with some light sprinkles. It was still humid as all get up but the rain helped keep things in check. Ran hard the last mile.

Sat: 8/1/09
AM: 7 miles (1:03:00)
Ran with the Baltimore Marathon training group really easy. Felt good but was obv moving pretty slow. Spent the day swimming in the river with Jilane, Ben, Dan and another Brown grad. Fun stuff
PM: 4 miles
Hadn't planned on going out again but Melanie had a rough outing at the Hospital and I didn't want her running in the dark alone

Fri: 7/31/09
AM: 12 x 400 w/30 sec rest and 1:00 after each 4 for water (first four 72, second 71, third 70's)
This was another brutal weather day on the track. I would have been much happier with 16 intervals but I was toast after 12. I also decided this week was shit already so I am gonna scrap it and use it as a down week.

Thur: 7/30/09
AM: 10 mile run (1:05:00)
Ran most of this a little bit more uptempo and felt good after the day off yesterday
PM: 6miles
Ran with Melanie through the Hopkins loop. She took it easy on me today

Woke up this morning and felt terrible. Almost fell asleep on my walk of shame back to my place before the run, laid down for a second and the next thing I knew it was 3 hours later. Took another nap around 3pm as well. Accomplished the vaunted Hansons All-American (two naps, one being over 2 hours, in one day after a full night's sleep). Realized I haven't been taking iron at all so jumped back on that bandwagon.

Tue: 7/28/09
AM: 2 x mile, 4 x 300
Failed Workout. The weather was brutal. I tried getting out early, 6am, but it was still mid 70's and 80+ humidity. I felt ok but started burning up after the second one when the sun came out. Just bagged it instead of going to the well
PM: 4 mile run
Just a short one with Mel

Mon: 7/27/09
AM: 8 mile run (58:00) w/ 6 x hill sprints
Ran the Inner Harbor, felt pretty decent
PM: 6 mile run
Hopkins route with Melanie

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