Monday, August 3, 2009

Week in Review

66 miles

This week was a disaster but I guess I can use it as a recovery week. I think I figured out most of the hurdles that prevented me from really training this week. I don't sleep well at my place because it's loud and somewhat uncomfortable so I am napping at Melanie's more and setting up my place better. I got back on a heavy iron and B-complex regimen to combat some of the fatigue as well. I am also going to sign up at the Hopkins gym. It's extremely cheap for Melanie and I because we're students and I can use the treadmills for when the weather is brutal. They also have a quick ass climbing wall, a 180m indoor track, pool and nice weight facility with some nice grass fields next door for strides. I am excited about adding back all the little things to the training.

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