Friday, August 7, 2009

Do work son

Thur: 8/6/09
AM: 3 w/u, 5.75 mile tempo (30:42) 1.45 mile loops (7:54 - 5:26) (7:42 - 5:18) (7:41 - 5:18) (7:25 - 5:08), 2 c/d

Had a real good one today but I shouldn't be surprised. The weather was mild and I hadn't done anything hard in a week but it felt good nonetheless. Started out easy just trying to feel things out. I hit the 7:55 and felt ok but no great. I thought bringing the pace down to 7:50 on the next loop would be successful and I was surprised to see myself go through so fast. I didn't know if I could hold it but I wanted to try. Coming through in 7:40 was nice and I decided I wanted to put the pedal to the floor the last mile. Hit half way in 3:45 and was excited about breaking 7:30. The last 1k was tough but in a good way. Overall, I felt things really clicked today and it was fun to be out there. Just gotta keep plugging away.

PM: 8mile run (57:00)
I drove down to DC in the afternoon to help Jilane move. She needed to get a run in so I decided what the heck. The convo was great and the time just seemed to fly by. Before I knew it itwas time to turn around and head back. Unfortuantly, I think Jilane was a little tired and I felt bad for pushing. Oh well, she can suck it up...wuss. She treated me to a delicious dinner from Baja fresh before we attempted the ugly, moving her bed without taking it apart. Let's just say driving around DC with a bed half way out of your truck probably isn't the smartest idea. Then again, when have either of us ever made smart decisions.

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