Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can you work with that

Sun: 8/16/09
AM: 15.5 mile run (1:36:14)
Another pretty solid long run today. I knew it was going to be hot today and I didn't have access to a treadmill that went sub 6 so I jumped out of bed at 6:00am this morning and went to work alone. Things were a little stiff and tired the first three miles or so up Charles st. Not surprising as it is the first 3 miles and mostly uphill. Hit Lake Montebello and started to pick up the pace to what I thought was near 6min pace. Dipped down into Herring run park, which was surprisingly easy to keep pace on, despite the numerous dogs. I actually like running here as parts of the trail are pretty covered and you're out of the city for a bit. Turned around at a little over 6 still feeling good and hit Lake Montebello and tried to pick up the pace for two laps. Ran 5:40-45 pace for 2.72 miles and then headed back down 33rd for home. Really fell apart on 33rd st., it's a slight gradual uphill and I wasn't feeling all that great but the main culprit was my right hip flexor. It started to tighten up and I dealt with it for a mile or a mile and a half and then decided I should just stop quick and stretch it out. Good decision as I felt much better once I started back up. Made a big pace push down St. Paul, which is an easy thing to do because it's a huge net downhill. Shuffled in the last 4 mins. Happy to average 6:16 pace for the entire run, things are improving! Today and yesterday were great for just lounging around and doing nothing. World Champs, Golf and the Packers - neither really interfering with the other time was. Perfect weekend

PM: Did 4 miles with Melanie when she got home at 9pm. She really wanted to run after a 14 hour day and I didn't want her to be out alone

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