Thursday, August 13, 2009

Steady Freddy

Thur: 8/13/09
AM: 10 miles (6 miles steady in middle - 3 miles 5:55 pace, 3 miles 5:45 pace)
Run was pretty nice this morning and only got better when I returned home to see that I was running sub 6 pace. I did loops around Lake Montebello, which I mapped to be 1.36 miles around (approximation via mapmyrun). It was kind of cool not knowing exactly how fast I was running and just going by effort. Had I known I was feeling that easy running 5:55 pace and 5:45's I would have certainly sped up to 5:30's because it sounds better. The weather was drastically better this morning than it has been the last few days. The first part of the run was cool in comparison to what it has been but being in the sun for an hour got to me by the end. I finished rather wet and had to walk through the gym looking like a wet dog, which never impresses people. I had one guy in the locker room ask me if it was raining out. Did a jv version of the med ball and pedestal routines today.

PM: This run was both good and bad. The good - It was night and I ran out to the golf course and got two wonderful miles barefoot on a great surface. The bad - it was night and I ran through the wrong neighborhood in Baltimore. Running by "the corners" in Baltimore at night in running shorts = very bad idea.

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