Sunday, August 9, 2009

Treadmill - fo' real

Sun: 8/9/09
AM: 14 mile run (1:27:00)
Woke up at 7am this morning knowing that today was gonna be a real burner outside. Looked at the temps and it was already 78 degrees and 86% humidity. I already knew that this one would suck if I got out the door asap and any hesitation would make it death. My head was a little sore from our exploration of Baltimore's finest last night and I opted to lay back down knowing full well that this regulated me to trying to get on the treadmill. Good god. Luckily, Melanie was able to sweet talk the security guard at the Med campus gym to let me in with her and we were on our way to hamster wheel heaven. The first two miles rolled by at 7:15 or so pace and I wasn't feeling all that bad but I was convinced I was rolling off this thing in 30mins. I brought the pace down to the 6:15 range and let it hang there for a bit starting to feel a bit better. At this point I decided that hammering as hard as I could would make the time go by faster so I inched it down to 6min pace and was going to do a cutdown as far as I could go. After a mile or two at 6min pace I hit the button to creep into the 5min pace ranges and nothing happened. The treadmill maxed out at 6min pace, ugh. Unfortunately, I was feeling good and would have loved to hammer hard, especially because it gets it over with quicker. I'll take solace in the fact that I averaged right near 6min pace for 10 miles or so and felt good. As much as the hamster wheel blows it's better than dying outside and running slow.

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