Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday in DC

Sun: 7/19/09
AM: 11 mile run (1:20:00)
After a lame night out in DC, thanks to trying to hit up a terrible bar, Melanie and I suited up for a little joggy jog with Jilane. The first 5mins out the door I was shuffling old man style since last night was the first time in over a year I dawned flats. When we hit the DMZ we stopped to stretch and I felt much better. To my delight, Melanie wasn't hammering and Jilane was taking it easy so the run was rather pleasant. The hills sucked quite a bit but the nice weather and company made it all worth it. We decided to end our run through the zoo, which was awesome. I haven't been to a zoo in forever and it was a nice chance to run easy and take stretching stops. All in all it was a great run!

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