Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sun: 7/26/09
AM: 17 mile run (Watch malfunction)
Melanie and I slept in a little this morning and didn't get out until 9am. The weather was not kind to us for our laziness as the humidity and temps were both above 80. I did come up with a pretty nice route through Herring Run park that was a nice new place to run and kept us shaded for parts of the run. Getting to the park on a Sunday, because of the lack of traffic, is actually decent. We were running at a decent pace, 7min pace?, so I was happy with the quality. I dropped Melanie off at 11 miles and started to run a bit harder through Druid Hill. Going up the hill was tough going but once I flattened out I started to clip along pretty good and I flew down the downhills on the way back. The body was overheating by the finish and I would have been pretty roughed up with one more mile.

Melanie made some kick ass chocolate chip pancakes for my arrival and I downed two glasses of chocolate milk for good measure (once I too a shower of course). I am happy with the quality of the run as it was my first good long go since Zap I think.

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