Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fool's gold

Sun: 7/5/09
PM: 16 mile run (1:42:00)
After a fun night in DC with the Ivy League contingent, highlighted by me having to run a lap around George's house naked after Melanie and I got skunked at Pong at 6:15pm. (side note: this was my first time playing the Dartmouth version. Since, Melanie was a Dartmouth Grad I was counting on her to help me out a little in my virgin attempt. Alas, she was useless and failed to hit a cup in not just our first game but our second game as well. Luckily my vast athletic prowess allowed me to quickly adapt to the game and come up big in the second game. I will also side note that this is a much more fun version of beer pong)

Since waking up in the morning left Melanie and I feeling a bit hungover, and the Brown crew still being in bed at 10am, we opted to get breakfast and drive back to Baltimore before running. We stopped at the Original House of Pancakes in Bethesda and gorged on coconut chocolate chip pancakes, whipped cream, strawberry Belgian waffles, omelets and coffee (yes, it was just Mel and I) like we had already completed the long run. To say it was delicious would be committing an injustice.

Oh yeah, the run...Melanie and I ran down the Inner Harbor, which was crazy busy and ran through Fells Point to Patterson park, which was similarly busy. I actually felt better than I thought I would yesterday although any minor hill did a number on my legs. I dropped Melanie off back at her place at 10 miles and proceeded to hammer our another 33mins in Druid hill park to hit 16. I wanted to go 18 (to hit 100 for the week) but I knew Melanie was waiting and I also knew it wasn't a smart idea (see, I'm learning). 16 still put me ahead of what the Weeman did and that's all anyone can ask. I felt way better than I thought I would on the add on and at parts I was running rather quick and feeling good, although I did have my rough spots. I am happy with the run, distance and how I felt!

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