Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sat: 7/4/09
AM: 3 w/u, 10k road race (34:04) (5:31, 5:19, 5:14, 5:23, 5:27, 6:00, 66) 3c/d
Total = 12 miles
First off let me say that i don't think the splits were accurate. The course was monster hilly and I don't think I was running 5:20's in the middle of the race. I also do not think I threw down a 6min last mile. However, I do think the course was overall accurate.

It was a beautiful 4th of July day despite rolling out of bed at 6am. The race was your typical small town affair and arriving 1 hour before the race to sign-up and warm-up meant that I was one of three people present who were not volunteers. I knew a former Zap guy, Dave Berdan, would be running and I knew he would kick my ass since this was my 4th workout back. We did a nice easy warm-up together and at 8am it was go time. The starter yelled "bang" and we were off and up a very long and somewhat steep hill. Berdan, a local yocal and myself separated ourselves quickly through a slow 5:30 first mile and it was apparant from the get go the top 3 prize money was spoken for. At the mile mark berdan threw in a surge and I just knew I couldn't go with it. I figured I could have out raced the second guy but I really don't have an idea of what my threshold is right now and I didn't want to start putting the pace down and blow up the last 2 miles. I think that when you're fit you can take chances while racing and still be able to hold on or come back if it doesn't go as planned. When you're not fit, you have to be very controlled and smart because there is no coming back. Unfortunatly, I spotted second place 30 seconds from mile 2-4 and while I began to close a little in the lasy two miles, he was just too far away. My controlled effort meant I ran the entire race by myself, which was still better than working out alone. I would say my effort was a little above my current threshold as I never went to the well and a few times I had some ligh hearted convo with spectatures and volunteers.

Overall, I have to say I am pleased with effort. Every once in a while I think back to how far back I am when running 5:30's for 6 miles, slower than marathon pace. However, I do realize it's going to be a long road back and I have to fight a lot of small battles first. Solid effort and I even picked up 50 bucks. "We goin Sizzla, we goin Sizzla"

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