Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm in Tent, everybody look at me cause I'm sleepin in a tent

Sun: 7/12/09
PM: 14 mile run (1:30:00)
Sheehan's wedding was at saint Francis University, which is smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Being the ultimate planner, I was far too late on booking the available and cheap dorm rooms, which left Melanie and i the task of locating the nearest hotel. Unfortunately, that nearest hotel was 20 plus miles away. While I think I am the best drunk driver this side of the Mississippi, I decided to come up with a better plan. Sleep in a tent! Melanie and I enjoyed the task of setting up a tent while smashed at 2am. Passing out was rather easy and comfortable but waking up on hard ground was less inviting. After the nights activities and a looming three hour drive Melanie and I passed on running in the morning.

After two naps we embarked on the run around 6pm in upper 80 temps. At this point I was regretting not having not run in the morning. Remarkably, despite it being hot and the Druid Hill park fountain being broke, I felt decent. Melanie actually keeps a pretty decent pace, which is kinda funny because I know she's pushing hard. Maybe she's still trying to impress me or maybe she's just maximizing the small amount of miles she can run but I appreciate in on the long runs. I know I need to start having a little more structure to these long runs and I think it will come in the next few weeks. The best part of the night was grabbing some sushi and about 23 glasses of water afterward.

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