Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hidden speedwork

Tue: 7/21/09
AM: 3 w/u, 9 x 400 meter hill repeats, 3 c/d (avg 78, fastest 74)
Total = 10 miles

Because of the race last Saturday I decided to change things up on the schedule. Because I was still relatively sore from Saturday I didn't think I would be able to put in a quality session on the track. In addition, I am somewhat up in the air about whether to sacrifice some long term gains for short term success (i.e. speedwork now vs long runs and thresholds). So, with all this in mind, I set out for what I like to call "hidden speedwork". The hill I used was the secnd big hill in Druid Hill park and man it's a doozy. I was very consistent with my splits and the effort gradually got more difficult as I progressed, which was the intended purpose. I jogged very easy down, 2min, and estimate the distance of the repeat to be 400 meters or so. By the last repeat I was wiped and I left the workout feeling like I really got some solid strength work in while keeping the "intense" volume shorter. The cool down home was a little long of 3 miles (28mins) and I had to walk up one of the last hills. It reminded me a lot of some pretty tough cool downs up Lloyd in college.

PM: 6 mile run (42:00)
Ran this one alone because my running partner had softball obligations tonight. I was pretty hungry and that made the run pretty rough. Overall not that great

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