Saturday, September 26, 2009

I like pancakes

Sat: 9/26/09
AM: 8 mile run (1::01:05)
Melanie and I got out the door a little later this morning after a pancake breakfast and me creating some delicious concoctions in the crock pot for later tonight. God do we sound domesticated. The run was nice as the air was cool and there was the slight presence of a drizzle. Again we took the Hopkins trail to the "new" hopkins trail to keep on the softer surface. Wanna know what we did after running? We went to the grocery store! Awesome, right?


Mad said...

this made me laugh out loud, because i was recently bragging about how i made this kick ass vegetable soup.


Julie Komo said...

Hey! Being old is fun! One of my favorite weekend activities is going to the grocery store. I'm like a kid in a candy shop...except I'm excited about Eggplants :-P