Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finally, a long run

Tue: 9/8/09
AM: 15 mile run (1:36:00)
This was a super hilly route that I put together for the marathon training group. I added on an extra loop around Lake Montebello, which is 1.36 miles, to make 15. Overall, I think I felt ok. It's tough to maintain pace when things are so hilly, but the average pace came out to 6:24's. I got pretty tired around the 70 minute mark. My hip flexor tightened up the last few miles which made it tough to pick up the pace when things came back downhill. Good effort. Lifting session after.\

PM: 7 mile run (NT)
Was working with a client this evening who had 3x2 miles on his schedule so jumped in for the warm-up and paced him through the first 2.5 sets. Amazing how easy 6:10-20 pace on the track is. Calves were a little tight but was surprisingly chipper after some stretching. Solid mileage day.

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