Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday's are for Packers

Sun: 9/27/09
AM: 10 mile run (1:10:00)
Melanie and I lounged around a bit before we hit the streets for this jaunt. When I woke up this morning the sky was over cast and a light drizzle whispered amongst the trees. Correspondingly, I thought that we would be good waiting until the late morning to begin our run. False. It was humid and hot when we ventured towards Herring Run park and we paid the price for our laziness. I felt like crap and the pedestrian 7 min miles left me out of breath. At one point a car rolled by and yelled "Nice shorts fa*". I became irritated and surged after the car in hot pursuit. About 17.5 seconds later I became amazingly short of breath and gave up my chase; wheezing at the intersection. I am pathetic.

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