Sunday, May 31, 2009

Run like you stole something

Sat: 5/30/09
8 mile run (1:00:00)
Wow, where do I even start on this run. First, on a positive note, this was the farthest distance my own two legs have carried me since July of 2008. On one hand it make me pretty excited but on the other I realize that's pretty pathetic. All and all my foot felt decent, although as I was telling my dad, I think the fact that I spent 6 of the last 9 weeks in the boot has really messed things up neurologically for my foot. It really feels like I don't get the push-off that I need and I am hesitant to really be forceful with it. I hope with some time and work with it I will get it better.

Where does the fun on this run start you ask? Well, as I was trying to think of a place to run with some trails I decided to take a look at mapmyrun. I noticed that their might be some trails in a park about 4 miles away. Deciding that 1. I would actually run 8 miles and 2. It would be better to run there to see if there were in fact trails before driving to them, I mapped out the most direct route to the park. really needs a feature that rates how ghetto an area might be because on a scale of 1-10, this route was a 12. Within 10 minutes I was the only white person for blocks and the boarded up row houses and abandon shopping carts should have prompted me to turn around. Instead, I opted to soldier on. I think I witnessed two drug deals and a few other criminally minded activities. It would have been worst had I been wearing my short, split cut bright blue running shorts with no shirt instead of my basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Oh wait, scratch that, reverse it, I looked like a fool. I think the best comment was "oh lordy, I thought that cracker be running around in his underwears". I only got 1 "run forrest run" but it was promptly followed bu "stupid is as stupid does whitey"...yes my friend, stupid is as stupid does. Needless to say, I never found the trails and I made it back safe with an hour of pavement pounding under my belt. I look forward to a run tomorrow with Melanie in the safe haven of small town Connecticut.

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JoKin said...

remember when we went running on pc and that dude stepped out of the barber shop and said, "man, look at 'dis. niggas be runnin' in daisy dukes." we totally ignored the daisy dukes part and focused on the fact we got called niggas.