Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Tue: 5/26/09
5 mile run (40:00)
Ran with Melanie in the evening when she got home from the hospital. It was misty and 60 degrees, perfect running weather. We really didn’t have a route planned, just ran around the beautiful *cough, cough, that’s a lie* city of Baltimore. It was a good time to catch-up on our respective days. Wow, we sound really old and boring.

Mon: 5/25/09
5 mile run (40:00)
It was the quintessential New England early summer morning in Suffield, CT and Melanie and I decided a run was in order. Since I am pathetically out of shape and she hasn’t run since she started her sub-I rotation at the hospital we were perfect running partners. She took me on Hill St, which is very aptly named. It really was a pretty run and despite the fact that my heart was about to come out of my chest on the uphill I really enjoyed myself.

Sun: 5/24/09
Another day off, mostly because we had a lot going on with graduation and a trip to meet the parents for the first time. The afternoon was highlighted with this conversation: Melanie: “Mom, where’s dad?”
Melanie’s mom: “He’s at the gun club with your brother, target practice I think.”

Sat: 5/23/09

I ran from Barnes to Wickeden at 4am, does that count?

Fri: 5/22/09


Planned day off. Melanie and I drove to Providence for Campus Dance. We were amazing navigators and make a great team. We left at 2pm and got to PVD at 10pm, 5 mins before Ben and Owen who left at 10am.

Thur: 5/21/09
6 mile run (42:00)

Officially moved to Baltimore/DC today. I will be living with Melanie for the month of June while I try to figure out the job/school situation and find a place to live. Since I hit the capital at 5:30, which is prime rush hour time, I decided to make a stop at Jilane’s place and go for run. It proved to be a great idea as the traffic on 95 to Baltimore was a 90min delay. Jilane and I dipped into Rock Creek and warmed up 15mins before she started her tempo effort. It was really difficult to judge pace as we weren’t on a marked path, there were lots of people to dodge and she had the Garmin. I was very happy to learn that the first mile was 5:59 but Jilane was not impressed since she had 3 more miles. The second mile we got on pace and ran 6:20 or so and then I proceeded to jog easy back home. The foot was a little sore afterward but I was happy to run as fast as I did.

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