Sunday, May 17, 2009

Really, two updates in a week?

Sun: 5/17/09
4 mile run (28:00)
Met up with a new coaching client of mine this afternoon. I guess you would call him the typical running novice in that his running etiquette with people is undeveloped even though he is pretty talented. I was content to run as easy as possible but he was one-stepping me the whole way and at first I just thought I was in pitiful shape. However, half way through the run he said that he was really hammering. I backed off considerably but he continued to press the pace. In any case, my foot faired well and I am sure my body benefited from the harder pace. I am not exactly sure where I am going to go progression wise from this point. I know I need to be conservative and safe but I also know I need to increase what I am doing. I do know I have a workout scheduled for Saturday afternoon, 3 x 400 w/chug a beer rest, 800 meter sprint (because there I no way I am not puking).

Sat: 5/16/09
4 mile run (28:00)
Ran down to the trail behind Myers Park high school today for the first time since the summer. I wish it were longer than 5 mins since it's a really beautiful place to run and the soft surface is a nice break. I am really excited to be moving to the DC area so I can have much better running options, not to mention sweet running partners. My foot felt pretty decent, no noticeable difference from the past few days. Off and on throbbing during the day that feels more like a deep bruise. However, there is no pulling on the fascia itself, which is my measurement of success or failure at this point I guess.

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