Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Damn, it was a good day

Wed: 5/20/09
5 mile run (39:00)
Today's run was one of the best runs I have had it almost 10 months. This morning my foot felt the best it has since I had a cortisone shot in mid-June last year. It made me pretty giddy and optimistic to say the least. Today, I had also planned to up my run to the 35-40 min range and see how it went. The weather was gorgeous, mid 70's with no wind and very little humidity. You don't get these days very often in Charlotte. I opted to take the Freedom Park bike path for the run since it let me soak in some more of the sunshine. Overall, my legs felt a little rough and I had off and on bad spots, but the foot felt great. I consider this a big step forward!

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